What our providers think about us

Dr. Rob Lamberts, MD


“I love the magazine.  I have heard a lot of these names, many for years, but now I get to see the human behind the name. It is such a good way to build cohesiveness to our local medical community.”

Dr. Van Haywood, DMD


"Medical Professionals is a unique magazine for health professionals about health professionals. Not only does it share more about their professional life than just a name and title, but also you learn about their personal life such that you can better relate to them and gain insights about their life values."

Dr. Alan Whitehouse, MD


“Its shocking just how many of our staff (around 190 of them) read the magazine each month.  And it will typically even wind up in our waiting area where we’ve discovered our patients really embrace the idea of reading about the doctors whom they’re visiting.”

Dr. Hetal Thakore, MD


“Medical Professionals provides clinicians with a forum for progressive thinking about our medical system.  It's a gateway into the healthcare revolution!”

Samantha Tojino, FNP-C


"The magazine has directly impacted me because I’ve been able to see and get to know other professionals in my local community.  As well as  see what their passions are and learn more about their personal life and special things about them that you wouldn’t normally know.”

Sally E. Wood, BSN, RN, IBCLC, LCCE


“When I have read the articles in Medical Professionals , I’ve become better educated about what’s out there in my greater medical community.  It's also been fun getting to see the personal-side of the featured professionals, as well as learning about their clinical expertise and passion.”