Medical Professionals


Building Our Medical Community

Medical Professionals is the only unique way of bringing together Greenville's top and most influential physicians, health care industry leaders and hospital executives.


Sharing Our Stories

The only way to build community is to share our stories.  Medical Professionals  is a  platform for telling stories, sharing ideas, introducing colleagues, and honoring our doctors good work.


Bridging The Gap

Doctors are often siloed to their own practices and many have never met face to face, so in addition to telling their stories in our publication, Medical Professionals hosts exclusive events to honor the published doctors and provide networking opportunities with their colleagues and the local business owners that support our community.

Oliver Lollis


For the last 11 years Oliver has sold medical supplies and equipment into every facet of healthcare, from acute to post-acute, from physician to dental, even state facilities. Over the course of this time he says there are two things that really stand out to him:

  1. Most doctors, despite their discipline, operate on an island. They spend their days walking from “Room 1” to “Room 2” to “Room 3” with mountains of paperwork in-between.  Their brains are swarming with information.
  2. Everyone our doctors encounter on a daily basis wants something from them. The patient wants their care, the staff wants their attention/advice,  admin wants their paperwork, and of course, sales reps want their money.

Are you ready for the cold hard truth?  Doctors are systematically being turned into providers.  They have become a cog in a machine, not a human being who has sworn the hippocratic oath.  There's no wonder the physician suicide rate is double that of the general population.  There's no wonder the burnout rate is near fifty percent.  It's time to change all of that.  Medical Professionals exists to serve our doctors and connect them to their fellow colleagues one month at a time.